• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

UGANDA, Mbale | Real Muloodi News | Mbale City Councillor, Ismail Walujo, has been arrested by the State House Anti-Corruption Unit (SHACU) in partnership with the police on charges of grabbing government land in Nakaloke Town Council.

Walujo, who is also a prominent businessman and secretary for works at Mbale City Council, was apprehended on Friday 30th June and transported to Kampala.

The arrest comes after allegations that the suspect colluded with former officials to sell approximately 52 acres of government land in Nakaloke Town Council, which was then divided into various plots, with Walujo reportedly obtaining the largest number of plots.

In addition to the land-grabbing allegations, Walujo is accused of seizing the government-aided Umar and Yumbe Primary School in Mbale City.

It is alleged that he converted the area into a washing bay and restaurant, leading to the collapse of the school.

The suspect is said to have bribed city education officials to prevent them from addressing the situation at the government school, resulting in the withdrawal of teachers and resources and the subsequent downfall of the school.

Efforts to obtain a comment from Linus Nasimiyu, the Principal Education Officer of Mbale City, were unsuccessful as she did not answer the calls.

Investigations into the matter are currently underway.

Last year in September, the SHACU arrested seven public servants in Mbale City on similar charges of illegally allocating the same land to private developers.

Among those apprehended were the former town clerk, deputy town clerk, area physical planner, physical planning committee members, and land committee members.

In 2021, the Minister of Local Government, Raphael Magyezi, ordered the cancellation of lease offers for the disputed land in Nakaloke Town Council.

The government also suspended the Mbale District Land Board and demanded that private developers halt any ongoing projects on the land.

Last year, during a visit to the land by the former Mbale Resident City Commissioner, Ahamada Washaki, a confrontation ensued between Washaki and the detained councillor, Walujo.

Walujo maintained that he had acquired the land legally through proper procedures and shifted the blame to the Mbale District Land Board.


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