• Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

UGANDA, Kikuube | Real Moloodi News | Authorities in Kikuube District have issued a directive stopping LC1 chairpersons from stamping agreements between money lenders and property owners, because people are losing their properties.

Amlan Tumusiime, the Resident District Commissioner of Kikuube District, said that his office had received many complaints from the residents about their property being taken by the money lenders, even though they have already settled their debts.

Peter Banura, the LC5 chairperson of the Kikuube district, says it is absurd that they have failed to help the people who elected them as leaders.

“People elect us to serve them. It is very absurd that out of 70 cases that come to our offices are land-related. In particular, there was a serious case in a village called Kakoonge. Kagooma [A money lender] and others have terrorized one family. Surprisingly, they are terrorizing their own people they have grown up with,” Banura narrates.

Yasinta Kaahwa, a resident of Buhimba town council, said that money lender Kagooma used the Covid lockdown to throw her out of the house.

“We reported the case to the LC1 chairperson. However, when Covid struck, Kagooma came, opened my house and took all my property out,” Yasinta said.

Johnson Kagooma, the accused moneylender, says he received a letter from the LC1 chairperson directing him to stay away from the property.

“I got a letter from LC1 Kakoonge South Cell. It was directing me to leave a piece of land because the matter was in court,” Kagooma said.

The COVID-19 lockdown stymied people’s movements and business operations around the country, which resulted in a drop in both the demand and supply of goods and services. Consequently, the lockdown affected the revenues of businesses and individuals negatively and their ability to service their debts.



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