• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

UGANDA, Mukono | Real Muloodi News | Mukono Diocese Bishop Kitto Kagodo has called upon the government to address the escalating issue of land grabbing, which has disrupted several church development initiatives.

Bishop Kagodo disclosed that his diocese has lost over 200 acres in Nakanyonyi, Nabaale Sub-County; more than 100 acres in Kisowera, Nama Sub-County; seven acres in Kiwumu, Kyampisi Sub-County; and similar cases in Nakifuma.

“We appeal to the government to take decisive action against this type of crime as it significantly impacts our plans and poses a threat to the existence of the church,” he stated.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of over 200 students who completed vocational studies at Lords Meade Vocational College (LMVC) in Buikwe District, the bishop revealed that more than five land-related cases had been reported to the police.

He expressed regret that the perpetrators of these acts often brandish weapons such as machetes, arrows, and bows, using them to intimidate and harm the rightful occupants of the land.

The bishop also encouraged Christians to make effective use of their land, emphasising that leaving land idle for extended periods attracts encroachers.

“As a diocese, we implement projects such as coffee and banana farming, as well as beekeeping, to ensure that our land in various locations remains occupied,” he explained.

Bishop Kagodo commended ‘O’ and ‘A’ level schools for incorporating vocational training into their academic programs, suggesting that widespread adoption of this approach could alleviate the burden of unemployment in the country.

“Every day, graduates come to us seeking solutions, yet those with vocational skills can easily become self-employed,” he stated while challenging church ministers to acquire vocational skills.

Patrick Mutabwire, former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government and Chairman of the Board of Directors of LMVC noted that students who complete vocational courses can easily upgrade their qualifications and earn degrees.

The graduates underwent training in catering and hotel management, tailoring and garment cutting, bricklaying and concrete practice, carpentry and joinery, computer studies, plumbing, electrical installation, welding and metal fabrication, motor vehicle mechanics, and hairdressing.

The Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) examined the students, and Mutabwire highlighted that their globally recognised certificates could serve as a foundation for further academic pursuits.

Jane Frances Balaba, a Senior Four student who graduated with a certificate in catering, shared how she applies her knowledge and skills to bake cakes, generating income during her holidays.


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