• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

UGANDA, Masaka | Real Muloodi News | Uganda Baati Limited, a leading provider of roofing solutions, has opened a new showroom in Masaka City as part of its ongoing expansion efforts.

The showroom aims to showcase the company’s range of high-quality products and provide a platform for customers to seek technical advice from trained staff.

George Arodi, the Business Head of Uganda Baati, emphasised the significance of showrooms in offering customers a firsthand experience of the company’s brands and their unique qualities.

While the showrooms do not replace hardware dealers, they serve as centres for customers to familiarise themselves with the distinctive features of Uganda Baati’s products.

Arodi stated, “We seek to improve the state of the infrastructure of our homes and businesses by bringing services and products closer to the people.”

Uganda Baati has recently introduced a new premium roofing product called Lifestile, expanding its existing range of roofing solutions, which includes Orientile, Romantile, Covermax, and Versatile.

The showroom in Masaka City will serve as a hub for customers, contractors, architects, and developers, providing them with comprehensive information about the diverse range of roofing options available.

Arodi highlighted the company’s commitment to innovation, which has driven the introduction of new and unique products over the years.

From coloured sheets to Covermax, Versatile, and most recently, Lifestile, Uganda Baati has continuously responded to customer needs and market demands.

The company played a pioneering role in Africa by shifting customers from galvanised zinc-coated products prone to rusting to more durable aluminium zinc products that last significantly longer.

Mr Huddu Hussein, the Resident City Commissioner of Masaka, commended Uganda Baati for launching the showroom in Masaka City.

He expressed gratitude to the company for its reliable building solutions since its establishment in 1964. Hussein also acknowledged the supportive business environment created by the government, enabling companies like Uganda Baati to thrive and generate employment opportunities for the youth in Masaka.


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