• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

UGANDA, Sentema | Real Muloodi News | For Ugandans living abroad, the dream of owning a home back in their homeland is often tarnished by stories of dishonesty and betrayal but Mirembe Estate in Sentema solves it all.

Nancy Kasana, like many others, had entrusted a friend with the task of purchasing a plot of land and building a two-bedroom house for her while she worked as a cleaner in Dubai.

Unfortunately, Nancy discovered upon her return that her friend had deceived her, sending fake pictures and videos in exchange for the money she had diligently sent. Now, Nancy finds herself in court, hoping for justice to prevail.

This story is not unique. Many Ugandans in the diaspora fear being betrayed by those they trust with their hard-earned money. The desire to have a valuable investment or a beautiful home upon their return is a common aspiration.

However, the reality is often disheartening, with individuals being cheated or receiving subpar deals due to the dishonesty or lack of expertise of those they trusted.

Nevertheless, owning a home or real estate property is still seen as a secure way to preserve and grow one’s money.

The key question then becomes: which property and which developer can be trusted to deliver on promises? To alleviate the frustrations faced by diaspora citizens, it is crucial to work with reputable companies that specialise in selling properties within organised communities, such as Kabaka’s Mirembe Estate Sentema.

Booking a house in Kabaka’s Mirembe Estate Sentema offers a reliable solution for those in the diaspora. Instead of relying on untrustworthy relatives or acquaintances, individuals can surprise their loved ones with a home of their own, free from disappointment or regrets.

The days of entrusting someone with finding a plot and constructing a house, only to discover issues such as wetland encroachment or no progress at all, are over.

Supervising a construction project from a distance is a challenging task, especially for those without experience in the field.

Many individuals end up wasting valuable time, effort, and money in attempts to oversee projects they are not equipped to handle.

By collaborating with trusted companies like Gouji Group and Buganda Land Board, individuals can enjoy peace of mind and the assurance of quality construction.

These companies have the necessary resources, expertise, and a proven track record of building affordable, high-quality housing within organised environments.

At Mirembe Estate Sentema, individuals can book their own homes and pay for them in instalments over two years.

The added advantage is that they can receive regular updates on the construction progress through their appointed agents until the house is finalised. This arrangement allows diaspora citizens to have a sense of security and value for their investment, eliminating the worries associated with remote property ownership.

By working with reputable developers and choosing properties within organised communities like Mirembe Estate Sentema, Ugandans in the diaspora can fulfil their dreams of owning affordable and reliable homes, free from the uncertainties that have plagued many unfortunate individuals in the past.


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